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2016/Volume 7/Issue 1


Original articles

Validity of Digital Panoramic Radiography in Detection of the Mandibular Canal in Implant Cases
Ahmed M Bakry, Bader K Alzarea
Indian J Stomatol 2016;7(1):1-3                               

Masticatory Efficiency of Tooth Supported Overdenture Wearers with Different Platform Lengths
Mohammed Assayed Mousa, Osama A Baraka
Indian J Stomatol 2016;7(1):4-8

A Cross-Sectional Study to Determine the Anxiety Levels Caused by Dental Treatment
Akansha Misra, Shalu Rai, Vineeta Gupta, Sonia Gupta, Deepankar Misra, Mohit Dadu
Indian J Stomatol 2016;7(1):9-14

Salivary Flow Rate and pH Estimation: A Comparative Study Among Smoking and Non-Smoking Subjects with Generalized Chronic Periodontitis
Sanketa, Ramesh Amirisetty, RM Zade, Rajesh PR, Ritu Prabha Patel
Indian J Stomatol 2016;7(1):15-18

Role of Salivary Flow Rate and Salivary pH as a Diagnostic Marker in Smokers with Chronic Periodontitis
Deep Kiran Bansal, Nitin Khuller, Preetika Bansal, Archana Bhatia, Anita Mehta
Indian J Stomatol 2016;7(1):19-22