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فروشگاه اینترنتی

2016/Volume 7/Issue 1


Original articles

Validity of Digital Panoramic Radiography in Detection of the Mandibular Canal in Implant Cases
Ahmed M Bakry, Bader K Alzarea
Indian J Stomatol 2016;7(1):1-3                               

Masticatory Efficiency of Tooth Supported Overdenture Wearers with Different Platform Lengths
Mohammed Assayed Mousa, Osama A Baraka
Indian J Stomatol 2016;7(1):4-8

A Cross-Sectional Study to Determine the Anxiety Levels Caused by Dental Treatment
Akansha Misra, Shalu Rai, Vineeta Gupta, Sonia Gupta, Deepankar Misra, Mohit Dadu
Indian J Stomatol 2016;7(1):9-14

Salivary Flow Rate and pH Estimation: A Comparative Study Among Smoking and Non-Smoking Subjects with Generalized Chronic Periodontitis
Sanketa, Ramesh Amirisetty, RM Zade, Rajesh PR, Ritu Prabha Patel
Indian J Stomatol 2016;7(1):15-18

Role of Salivary Flow Rate and Salivary pH as a Diagnostic Marker in Smokers with Chronic Periodontitis
Deep Kiran Bansal, Nitin Khuller, Preetika Bansal, Archana Bhatia, Anita Mehta
Indian J Stomatol 2016;7(1):19-22


2014/Volume 5/Issue 2

Original articles

Prescription Writing Skills of Doctors Practicing in Davangere City: A Cross Sectional Survey
Nagesh L, Wadgave Umesh, Usha GV
Indian J Stomatol 2014;5(2):41-44

In-Vitro Study on the Tensile Bond Strength of 3 Chair-Side Permanent Soft Liners to PMMA
D Sreenivasulu, Shyammohan A
Indian J Stomatol 2014;5(2):45-48

Estimation and Comparison of Oxidative Stress Marker Superoxide Dismutase and Glutathione
Anjali P Ganjre, Neeta Bagul
Indian J Stomatol 2014;5(2):49-53


Iatrogenic Displacement of Third Molars: An Overview and Review of Current Concept
Santhosh Kumar K, B Sivaramakrishnan, Deepak Abraham Pandyan, C Deepak
Indian J Stomatol 2014;5(2):54-57

Myeloperoxidase, a Reliable Biomarker for the Diagnosis of Periodontal Diseases: A Review
Mona Dagar, Deepa D
Indian J Stomatol 2014;5(2):58-61

Case reports

Papillary Squamous Cell Carcinoma: A Rare Oral Variant
Harishchandra K Rai, Jayaprasad Anekar, Shaila M, Vivek Javagal
Indian J Stomatol 2014;5(2):62-64

Gemination of Maxillary Right Deciduous Central Incisor in a 4-Year-Old Child: A Case Report

Richa Wadhawan, Rohit Jakhar, Sumeet Sharma, Siraj DAA Khan, Kunaal Rathore 

Indian J Stomatol 2014;5(2)65-67

Type II Palatogingival Groove and Its Management
Rajesh Kashyap Sankar, Roshan Rajan Varkey, Shashikanth Hegde, Arun Kumar MS
Indian J Stomatol 2014;5(2):68-71

An Unusual Morphology of a Maxillary First Molar: A Rare Case Report
Roopa Babannavar, Shitalkumar Sagari, Pallavi Gopeshetti, Arun J, Namrata Hosmani
Indian J Stomatol 2014;5(2):72-74

Oral Myiasis in Mentally Challenged Girl: A Case Report
Rajesh PR, Ashwini Narasannavar, Sanketa, Ajay Angadi
Indian J Stomatol 2014;5(2):75-76

Short Communication
Arun Kumar Acharya, Ritu Gupta, Somanath Reddy Kunsi, Venkatesh Siddhada Goud, Shrikanth Muralidharan
Indian J Stomatol 2014;5(2):77-80

2013/Volume 4/Issue 2

Original articles
Prevalence and Distribution of Tooth Impaction in Orthodontically Treated Patients                                  
Anita Fekonja    
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(2):66-70        

The Role of Pathological Variants and Different Treatment Modalities in Survival Analysis of Malignant Minor Salivary Gland Tumors                                                                                                                
Kamran Bokhari S        
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(2):71-77  

A Comparative In-vivo Evaluation of Bioactive Glass Composite (HABG) and Osteogen (Haresorb)® in the Treatment of Infrabony Defects                                                                                 
Rajesh H, Shashikanth Hegde, Rajesh KS       
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(2):78-86     

Review articles

Fluoride Recharged Dentures: A Boon in Removable Prostheses
Arati Talikoti, Sateesh Shahapur, Shambhu HS
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(2):87-90

Lingual Appliance System: A Literature Review of its Evolution and Development
Nadeem Husain, Avinash Kumar, Prasad Konda  
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(2):91-94        

Infant Oral Health Care: Guard the Present For a Healthy Future
Aakriti Mahajan, Vidya Dodwad           
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(2):95-98

Let's Explore Aeronautical Dentistry  - Article Retracted
Rachna Kaul, Shilpa PS, Sanjay CJ, Nishant Sultana, Suraksha Bhat                                                                                                                                                                                                 Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(2):99-102        

Case reports

Physical Injury to Oral Mucosa Following Ingestion of Large Number of Tablets
Shanthi Viswanathan, Stalin Viswanathan              
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(2):103-05

Surgical and Orthodontic Management of Impacted Maxillary Anterior Teeth due to Odontoma: A Case Report
Prashanth S, Seema Deshmukh, Srilatha KT    
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(2):106-08           

Dental Considerations for Treating Early Childhood Caries in a Hydrocephalus Patient: A Case Report
Raghavendra Pidamale, Tony Jose, Ritesh KB, Naveen Kumar N            
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(2):109-11

Management of Large Ameloblastoma: A Case Report
Kamlesh Kothari, Amit Kumar Singh         
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(2):112-15

Oral Rehabilitation in a Scleroderma Patient    
Prashanth Shetty, Shweta Hegde, Rajendra Kumar Dubey, Ketaki Kinikar  
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(2):116-18    
Endodontic Management of Unusual Foreign Objects in the Root Canal: A Case Report Series                                                                                   
Ruchika R Nawal, Shivani Utneja, Gaurav Garg, Sangeeta Talwar                                                            
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(2):119-23

Short communication

Myxoid Change in Oral Pyogenic Granuloma: A Rare Histologic Finding in a Common Oral Lesion                                                                            
G Suchitra, Neelkant Warad, Sulabha AN, Sameer C                         
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(2):124-25                   

2014/Volume 5/Issue 4

Original articles

Comparative Evaluation of p53 Expression in Primary Tumors, Lymph Node Metastasis and Recurrent Tumors of Oral Cavity
Priyanka Agarwal, Swati Patil, Minal Chaudhary, Puneet Agarwal, Vijay Wadhwan
Indian J Stomatol 2014;5(4):117-21                                

SEM and Histopathological Study of Atrophic and Hypertropic Lingual Papillae of Tongue and their Mycological Correlation
Manisha Tijare, Vinay Hazare, Archana Lanje, Samar Khan, Rajat Misurya                           
Indian J Stomatol 2014;5(4):122-26

Assessment of Tooth Erosion Among Chemical Factory Workers: A Pilot Study
Rahul Patel, Nagesh Bhat, Jyothirmai J, Sopan Singh, Swapnil Oza, Mandeep Singh Gohil                                                                         
Indian J Stomatol 2014;5(4):127-32     
To Evaluate the Effect of Probiotic Mouth Rinse on Plaque and Gingivitis Among 12-13-Year-Old School Children of Mysore City, India: Randomized Controlled Trial
Sandhya Purunaik, Thippeswamy HM, Shrinivas Sripatrao Chavan
Indian J Stomatol 2014;5(4):133-37        


Restorative Management of Dental Caries in Elderly Patients: A Review
Neeta Shetty
Indian J Stomatol 2014;5(4):138-44

Stem Cells Research: A Promising recipe for Tooth
Vineeta Gupta, Nutan Taygi, Hitesh Vij, Ruchieka Vij, Rishi Tyagi
Indian J Stomatol 2014;5(4):145-48

Case reports

Understanding Massive Maxillofacial Central Cement-Ossifying Fibroma
Atul Singh K, Bishen Kundendu A, Shitalkumar G Sagari
Indian J Stomatol 2014;5(4):149-50

Use of Cekapreci-Clix Post System for the Tooth Supported Mandibular Over Denture: A Case Report
Swapna BV, S Karthik, Arun Prakash C
Indian J Stomatol 2014;5(4):150-152

Amalgam Tattoo: A Case Report
Namish Batra, Renu Batra, Dharti Bhatt
Indian J Stomatol 2014;5(4):153-54

Short Communication                                                                                
Role of Media in Oral Health
Nishat Sultan, Zeba Jafri, Madhuri Sawai, Ashu Bhardwaj
Indian J Stomatol 2014;5(4):154-55

2015/Volume 6/Issue 1


Original articles

Clinical Prevalence of Oral Mucosal Lesions Among Shift Workers Associated with Tobacco Smoking, Chewing, and Mixed Habits
Megha Malu, Sandhya Shrivastava, Sushruth Nayak, Prachi Nayak, Rolly Gupta, Rupali Naik
Indian J Stomatol 2015;6(1):1-4                               

Implant-Abutment Leaking: An In-Vitro Study of the Microbiological Penetration from External Environment to Implant-Abutment Space
Dorina Lauritano, Ambra Girardi, Claudio Napoleone, Lellis De Riccardo, Francesco Carinci                     
Indian J Stomatol 2015;6(1):5-9

Computer Literacy and Attitudes to Utilization of E-resources Among First Year Dental Students in an Institution in Bangalore, India: A Pilot Study
Shweta SYale, Harikiran G Arkalgud                                                                        
Indian J Stomatol 2015;6(1):10-16   
Xylene and Alcohol Free H and E Staining: A Time Saving and Biosafe Alternative
Sandhya Srivastava, Rupali Naik, Susruth Nayak, Prachi Nayak, Rolly Gupta, Megha Malu
Indian J Stomatol 2015;6(1):17-22       

A Study to Compare the Sensitivity of Nupai Bite Scan to T-Scan System
Priyanka Shah, Gouri Anehosur, Ramesh Nadiger, Lekha K
Indian J Stomatol 2015;6(1):22-26   


Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition [EMT]: An Orchestrated Series of Events
Harishchandra Rai K
Indian J Stomatol 2015;6(1):27-32

Case reports

Hemisection of Multirooted Tooth: A Case Report
Pratibha Agrawal, Sanjeev Kunhappan, Shruti Saha, Shweta Singh
Indian J Stomatol 2015;6(1):33-36