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2013/Volume 4/Issue 1

Guest Editorial
Computer-aided Implantology: Standard  or Future?
Gerlig Widmann                                                                                                                     

Original articles
The Effect of Root Proximity on The Dimensions of The Interdental Space: A Case-Control Study
Maria-Anna Loukideli, Alexandra Tsami, Eudoxie Pepelassi, Ioannis Vrotsos
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(1):3-8    

Evaluation of Bone Mineral Density and Testosterone Level on Tooth Loss
Balendra Pratap Singh, Arvind Tripathi, Man Mohan Singh, Annu Makker, Saumyendra Vikram Singh
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(1):9-13   

Comparison of 5 Major Periodontopathic Bacteria in Aggressive and Chronic Periodontitis Patients: Using Anaerobic Culturing Technique
Jyothi L, Tirumal Rao                                                                         
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(1):14-19

Assessment of Oral Diseases and Impact of Anti-retroviral Therapy in HIV Population Residing in Southern India
Kiran Kosandal, Shrishail Totad, Salim Javeed Mujawar  
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(1):20-25

Vertical Space Allocation of Maxillary and Mandibular Anterior Teeth in Different Types of Smile
Nitin Shetty B, Manoj Shetty, N. Sridhar Shetty, Krishna Prasad D                                
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(1):26-30    

Review articles
H1N1 Influenza Pandemic: Future Threat and Role of Dental Practitioners
Priya Shirish Joshi, Shirish G. Joshi, Manasi Kaijkar
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(1):31-35

Facial Palsy: A Review
Sulabha AN, Sameer Choudhari, Warad NM              
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(1):36-39

A Review of Orthodontic Curing Lights
Ankur Chaukse,  Rachna Dubey, Neeraj Agrawal, Ankur Jain 
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(1):40-44

Aloe vera in Dentistry
Ramachandran Sudarshan, Rajeshwari G. Annigeri, G Sree Vijayabala
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(1):45-47

Nanotechnolgy Applications in Dentistry: The Next Big Idea
Keshav Kumar Gautam                                                                                                         
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(1):48-50

Case reports
Complete Oral Rehabilitation of a Young Female Patient with All Ceramic and Metal Ceramic Restorations: A 1 Year Follow-up Case Report
Mohammed Al-Moaleem, Syed Sadatullah, Mohammed Mousa Bakri
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(1):51-53        

Pediatric Gingival Growth: A Tickling Time Bomb
Neha Bhargava, Gaurav Gupta, Manohar Bhat, Farzan Rahman, Rajesh Sharma    
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(1):54-57

Complete Overlay Denture as an Alternative Oral Rehabilitation in a 5-Year-Old Child With Early Childhood Caries
Keshav Kumar Gautam

Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(1):58-60

Endodontic Management of Mandibular Incisors with 2 Root Canals: Report of 2 Cases
Manoj Agarwal, Meetu Mathur, Pramod Jain, Pooja Yadav, Ajay Choudhary, Priyanka Gupta
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(1):61-63

Transient Lingual Papillitis: An Unusual Clinical Presentation    
Preeti Patil, Venkatesh G. Naikmasur, Kirty Nandimath                                                                       
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(1):64-65