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2013/Volume 4/Issue 2

Original articles
Prevalence and Distribution of Tooth Impaction in Orthodontically Treated Patients                                  
Anita Fekonja    
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(2):66-70        

The Role of Pathological Variants and Different Treatment Modalities in Survival Analysis of Malignant Minor Salivary Gland Tumors                                                                                                                
Kamran Bokhari S        
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(2):71-77  

A Comparative In-vivo Evaluation of Bioactive Glass Composite (HABG) and Osteogen (Haresorb)® in the Treatment of Infrabony Defects                                                                                 
Rajesh H, Shashikanth Hegde, Rajesh KS       
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(2):78-86     

Review articles

Fluoride Recharged Dentures: A Boon in Removable Prostheses
Arati Talikoti, Sateesh Shahapur, Shambhu HS
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(2):87-90

Lingual Appliance System: A Literature Review of its Evolution and Development
Nadeem Husain, Avinash Kumar, Prasad Konda  
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(2):91-94        

Infant Oral Health Care: Guard the Present For a Healthy Future
Aakriti Mahajan, Vidya Dodwad           
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(2):95-98

Let's Explore Aeronautical Dentistry  - Article Retracted
Rachna Kaul, Shilpa PS, Sanjay CJ, Nishant Sultana, Suraksha Bhat                                                                                                                                                                                                 Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(2):99-102        

Case reports

Physical Injury to Oral Mucosa Following Ingestion of Large Number of Tablets
Shanthi Viswanathan, Stalin Viswanathan              
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(2):103-05

Surgical and Orthodontic Management of Impacted Maxillary Anterior Teeth due to Odontoma: A Case Report
Prashanth S, Seema Deshmukh, Srilatha KT    
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(2):106-08           

Dental Considerations for Treating Early Childhood Caries in a Hydrocephalus Patient: A Case Report
Raghavendra Pidamale, Tony Jose, Ritesh KB, Naveen Kumar N            
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(2):109-11

Management of Large Ameloblastoma: A Case Report
Kamlesh Kothari, Amit Kumar Singh         
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(2):112-15

Oral Rehabilitation in a Scleroderma Patient    
Prashanth Shetty, Shweta Hegde, Rajendra Kumar Dubey, Ketaki Kinikar  
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(2):116-18    
Endodontic Management of Unusual Foreign Objects in the Root Canal: A Case Report Series                                                                                   
Ruchika R Nawal, Shivani Utneja, Gaurav Garg, Sangeeta Talwar                                                            
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(2):119-23

Short communication

Myxoid Change in Oral Pyogenic Granuloma: A Rare Histologic Finding in a Common Oral Lesion                                                                            
G Suchitra, Neelkant Warad, Sulabha AN, Sameer C                         
Indian J Stomatol 2013;4(2):124-25