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فروشگاه اینترنتی فروشگاه اینترنتی سیستم همکاری در فروش فروشگاه اینترنتی کانال تلگرام
فروشگاه اینترنتی

2015/Volume 6/Issue 2


Original articles

Oral mucosal lesions among complete denture patients
Mohd G. Sghaireen
Indian J Stomatol 2015;6(2):37-40                               

Evaluation of Cleaning Efficacy of Two Different Rotary Endodontic Instrumentation Systems: An In Vitro Study
Jyoti Ahlawat, Amit Malhotra, Chirag Bansal                      
Indian J Stomatol 2015;6(2):41-44


Research in Dentistry and its Ethical Concerns
Abhinav Chand Singhal, Vaibhav Kridutta, Tanuj Choudhary, Rakesh Jaiswal, Jayant Chandrakar, Kritika Jaiswal
Indian J Stomatol 2015;6(2):45-49

Role of Confocal Microscopy in Dentistry
Sameer Makkar, Nidhi Aggarwal, Ruchi Vasisht, Anurag Aggarwal, Harpreet Kaur
Indian J Stomatol 2015;6(2):50-54

Case reports

Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Maxillary Arch in a Case with Impacted Maxillary Canine Using Implants and Tooth Supported Fixed Prosthesis
Gayatri Suvarna, Rohan Virani, Priyal Virani, Omkar Shetty
Indian J Stomatol 2015;6(2):55-58

Positioning of a Contextual Implant Along with a Sinus Lift with Smartbone® Microchips of Composite Heterologous-Synthetic Bone
Ilaria Zollino, Giorgio Carusi, Francesco Carinci, Giuseppe Perale
Indian J Stomatol 2015;6(2):59-62