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فروشگاه اینترنتی

2010/Volume 1/Issue 2

Original articles

Expression of p53 protein in normal oral mucosa, hyperplasia, grades of epithelial dysplasia
and oral squamous cell carcinoma: an immunohistochemical study

Pooja N, Farzan  R, Shoaib RT,  Sameer 
Indian J Stomatol 2010;1(2):56-60

A comparative scanning electron microscopic study on the effect of acid etching with citric acid,
tetracycline hydrochloride and EDTA on instrumented, periodontally involved root surfaces.

Ashok KP, Shobha PM
Indian J Stomatol 2010;1(2):61-66

A study of the vertical facial divergence and dental characteristics between adult untreated patients with class II division 1 and class II division 2 malocclusion: A cephalometric study
Jitendra Kumar B, Sachin B, Shivalinga B
Indian J Stomatol 2010;1(2):72-76

Review articles

Digital photography in dentistry
Kiran DN, Anupama K
Indian J Stomatol 2010;1(2):77-80

Otodental syndrome:  A review of literature
Manpreet K, Sumati B, Girish KL
Indian J Stomatol 2010;1(2):81-83

Lasers in endodontics: Beginning  of a new era
Ratnakar P
Indian J Stomatol 2010;1(2):84-87

Application of immunoflorescence in diagnosis of oral disease
Vaibhav K, Saumyendra VS, Bhudev S
Indian J Stomatol 2010;1(2):88-91

Photodynamic therapy and its role in periodontal therapy
Vadiraj S, Prashanth, Nagraj K
Indian J Stomatol 2010;1(2):92-95

Case reports

Desmoplastic fibroma of mandible and skull: A case report and review of literature
Basu SK, Abhishek S, Smitha CN, Swetha S
Indian J Stomatol 2010;1(2):96-99

Improvement of crown root ratio by using regular endodontic stainless steel instrument: A case report      

Krishna Prasad S
Indian J Stomatol 2010;1(2):100-102

Solitary intraosseous neurofibroma of the mandible- A case report
Girish K, Ayesha S
Indian J Stomatol 2010;1(2):103-105

Branchial cleft cyst: A case report
Chitra C,  Satyakumar D, Anupama K, Kishorekumar RV, Rajasekhar G
Indian J Stomatol 2010;1(2):106-109

Orofacial granulomatosis onset with gingival lesion: A case report.
Vidya D, Tulika S, Pragya T
Indian J Stomatol 2010;1(2):110-112

Intraoral lipoma: A case report
Sanjay Sunder V, Ravi Shekar M
Indian J Stomatol 2010;1(2):113-115

Interdisciplinary approach  in  the  management  of anterior  crossbite : Orthodontic
and periodontal considerations- A case report

Neeral B, Jagjit K
Indian J Stomatol 2010;1(2):113-115

A simple disimpaction spring for positioning impacted maxillary canine
Ravindranath VK
Indian J Stomatol 2010;1(2):119-120

Prosthodontic rehabilitation of an edentulous patient with velopharyngeal insufficiency
Anand R, Nikhil V, Ponnanna AA
Indian J Stomatol 2010;1(2):121-123