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2011/Volume 2/Issue 2

Guest Editorial Cláudio Maranhão Pereira                                                     

Original Articles

Quantitative change in the oral microflora after chewing betel leaf
Vani K, Maji Jose, Srinivasa Rao K

Indian J Stomatol 2011;2(2):77-79                                                              

Pediatric maxillofacial trauma                                    
Dimple Grover, Aashim Aggarwal, Parveen Sharma 

Indian J Stomatol 2011;2(2):80-85                                                                               
Serum creatine phosphokinase: A potential diagnostic tool for oral premalignant  lesions?- A
Histopathological-biochemical study
Spoorthi Banavar Ravi, Vidya M, Prashanthi C, Neevan DR D'souza    

Indian J Stomatol 2011;2(2):86-90
Toothpaste wars: To assess the efficacy of a herbal, homeopathic and a conventional toothpaste
in the control of plaque andgingivitis - A clinico-biochemical study

Vidya Dodwad, Sumit Malhotra, Nandini Nayyar  

Indian J Stomatol 2011;2(2):91-94                                      

Histochemical staining of connective tissue in oral submucous fibrosis: An adjunct to diagnosis?
Vineeta Gupta, Nirmala N. Rao, Hitesh Vij, Ruchieka Vij  

Indian J Stomatol 2011;2(2):95-97                                   

Area wise distribution of dental caries among 5 year old government school children
in Meerut city: A descriptive cross sectional epidemiological survey                     

Shipra Jaidka, Rishi Jaidka, Deepti Jawa Singh, Sanjeet Singh, Ripin Singh Garewal

Indian J Stomatol 2011;2(2):98-101

Influence of timing of post space preparation and presence/absence of intracanal barrier on coronal
bacterial microleakage: An ex vivo study                                 

Vineeta Nikhil, Pooja Khanna, Deepti Gupta

Indian J Stomatol 2011;2(2):102-107

Review Articles

Haemostatic agents in oral surgery: A brief review
Pankaj Kukreja, Suhas S Godhi  

Indian J Stomatol 2011;2(2):108-112

Biomechanics of implant abutment connection: A review
Praful Narang,     Himanshu gupta, Ankur Arora, Atul Bhandari   

Indian J Stomatol 2011;2(2):113-116                                                                                           

Post-endodontic rehabilitation using glass fiber non metallic posts: A review
Meenu Jain, Vineet Vinayak

Indian J Stomatol 2011;2(2):117-119                                                 

Smoking and periodontal disease
Basavaraj P, Nitin Khuller 

Indian J Stomatol 2011;2(2):120-122                                                      

Case Reports

Pleomorphic adenoma with extensive cystic degeneration: A rare presentation
Maji Jose, Soniya Adyanthaya, Jagadish Chandra 

Indian J Stomatol 2011;2(2):123-125                                        

Ridge splitting with immediate implant placement: A case report
Aparna IN, Dhanasekar B, Subraya Bhat G, Abhay T Kamath, Lingeshwar D, Puneeth Hegde  

Indian J Stomatol 2011;2(2):126-129          

Peripheral ossifying fibroma: Report of two unusual cases
Vivekanandh Reddy G, Jithendhar Reddy K, Ramlal G, Madhavi Ambati    

Indian J Stomatol 2011;2(2):130-133                         

Artificial cheek plumper's: A step ahead in denture esthetics- a case report
Sunil Kumar MV, Harikesh Rao, Kanwardeep Singh Sohi  

Indian J Stomatol 2011;2(2):134-137                                                                                            

A gingival growth: Clinico-pathological consideration
Anil Pandey, Girish KL, Manohar Bhatt, Shoaib Tippu 

Indian J Stomatol 2011;2(2):138-140                                                                     

Converting conventional mandibular denture prosthesis into overdenture supported by
 two endosseous implants with ball attachments
Adityender Seth, Bijay Singh, Praveen Mehrotra         

Indian J Stomatol 2011;2(2):141-143                                       

Comprehensive management of a lateral incisor with a deep palatoradicular groove: A case report
Anand Dharamsi, Lokanath Garhnayak, Mirna Garhnayak, Gaurav Pal Singh, Vivek Chaturvedy  

Indian J Stomatol 2011;2(2):144-147